Internetový časopis pre pôvodné teoretické a výskumné štúdie z oblasti spoločenských vied

Guidelines for Authors




Človek a spoločnosť [Individual and Society] is an online peer-reviewed quarterly journal. It publishes original theoretical and research articles from the field of social sciences, materials and review papers, discussions, book reviews and bookreports, and reports from scientific events.

   How to submit the paper

The journal  publishes articles written in English. In exceptional cases (special issue / Supplement), papers may be published in Slovak language. 

Manuscripts are sent to the e-mail address or

   Peer review policy

Each article is reviewed by two independent reviewers. The review process follows a double blind model. Depending on the comments made by a reviewer, a paper can besent back for further completion or correction. In sending an article to the editorial board there is no legal right for its author to expect publication of their manuscript.

The final decision in the case of acceptance or rejection of the paper is completely within the competency of the editorial board. Notification of acceptance of any contribution should be within 90 days of its receipt. (In special cases, this time may be extended).

Authors are responsible for any stylistic or spelling features and any serious linguistic deficiencies may be a reason for the rejection of a contribution.

The editor reserves the right to formally edit received submissions, and, in some cases, has the right to publish an accepted submission in any future issues of the journal. The Editorial board further reserves the right to exclude contributions which do not correspond with the aim of the journal, popular papers and papers that will not respect given instructions for authors.

    Style and structure of the paper are given in PDF


There are two options in writing the bibliography:

According to APA standards

According to STN ISO 690 standards

The list of references is subject to the requirements of the APA standard.