Internetový časopis pre pôvodné teoretické a výskumné štúdie z oblasti spoločenských vied

Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statements

  • Editorial  Board

The editorial board of journal Človek a spoločnosť [Individual and Society] consists of recognized experts in the field. The editor provides full names and affiliations of the members as well as updated contact information for the editorial office on the journal webpage.

  • Authors responsibilities

The authors provide original theoretical and research social sciences studies (i.e. studies that have not been issued by any other medium before for the journal) to Človek  a spoločnosť journal [Individual and Society]. The authors provide their manuscripts exclusively for the journal Človek a spoločnosť [Individual and Society] before the editorial board decides or declines to publish these. Submitting the same manuscript to more than one journal concurrently signifies unethical publishing behaviour and thus is unacceptable.

Submissions should contain theoretical, methodological and analytical parts as well as all the information and references needed to for a relevant evaluation of the submitted study.

Correct and complete author citation is strictly required. In citing, the author must comply with ethical standards concerning ideas and results originally from different authors. When referring to sources, there must be a clear indication of what is being cited, the original author and the exact source of the information in the text.

Authors must clearly indicate any potential conflict of interest. Organisations that funded the research must be specified within the first submission and presented in the paper.

Authors are required to edit their paper according to reviewers' opinions and send it back to the editor until the deadline, together with the cover letter describing all changes.

  • Reviewers responsibilities and Peer-review process

Each article is reviewed by two independent reviewers. The review process follows a double blind model. Depending on the comments made by a reviewer, a paper can be sent back for further completion or correction. When sending the paper to the editorial board, the author is not legally entitled to expect publication of their manuscript.

Reviewers are selected on the basis of their recognized expertise in the scientific community they belong to.

Reviewers should agree to review only if they have required expertise to give a proper assessment and if they are able to provide the review meeting the deadline given by the editorial board.

Reviewer is expected to refuse the assessment when there possibly is conflict of interest.

Reviewers should immediately inform the Editors if any form of plagiarism is identified within submitted work including “text and data recycling” as well as “redundant or duplicate publication”.

By agreeing to review, reviewer is obliged to keep the confidentiality of the peer review and to refrain from taking advantage of the information contained in the submitted work.

To avoid eventual conflict of interest the papers submitted by the members of the Editorial board are reviewed by the reviewers not included in the Editorial board. Reviewers from other geographical regions will be selected in such a case.

The Editorial board is responsible for the final decision based on the reviewers’ recommendations.

  • Publications  ethics

Editorial office of journal Človek a spoločnosť [Individual  and Society] wants to ensure that all the published material conforms to the internationally accepted ethical guidelines.

If an inaccuracy, misleading text or wrong explanations are found in the published article, it must be corrected promptly.

In the case of seriously flawed article, a prompt reaction which might lead to the complete retraction of the article will ensue.

Editor will promptly respond to possible misconduct or inappropriate behaviour of any parties involved in the publishing process (including authors and reviewers). Misconducts can range from minor to serious breaches of the publication ethics. The procedure for dealing with such circumstances will strictly follow flowcharts and guidelines published by Publication Ethics Committee (COPE).

Editors will be willing to publish corrections, errata, clarifications and apologies if it is needed.

All complaints will be seriously investigated by the editor regardless of person filing the complaint.

  • Copyright and Access

An online journal Človek  a spoločnosť [Individual and Society]  is one of the open access journals using funding model, hence the reader or institutions do not pay for the access. We support the rights of users to "read, download, copy, distribute, print and search full texts of studies" in the journal. The entire content is freely available.

All content is made freely available for non-commercial purposes, users are allowed to copy and redistribute the material, transform, and build upon the material as long as they cite the source. There are no fees for submission or publication.

The journal Človek a spoločnosť [Individual and Society]  applies the Creative Commons  Attribution 4.0 International License to articles and other works we publish. If you submit your paper for publication by Človek a spoločnosť [Individual and Society], you agree to have the CC BY license applied to your work. Authors grant Človek a spoločnosť [Individual and Society]  the right of first publication. Although, the journal allows the author(s) to hold the copyright without restrictions. They are also authorized to announce their studies at their websites or academic social networks or make them publicly available in another way.

  • Archiving

The editor will ensure digital preservation of access to the journal content by the University Library in Bratislava within its WebDeposit.

Principles of publishing in the journal Človek a spoločnosť [Individual and Society] are applied in accordance with the code of publishing ethics, defined and anchored by international forum Publication Ethics Committee (COPE) and Elsevier Ethics in Research and Publication: