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The Model of Bureaucrat in Citizen’s Reflection

Model byrokrata v občianskej reflexii


Eva Bolfíková, UPJŠ Košice, Fakulta verejnej správy, Katedra sociálnych vied,

ISSN: 1335-3608


The study is aimed at the results of the person of bureaucrat s mechanism s empirical analysis and the evaluation of the bureaucrat s character from the view of the citizens as a client of the public administration. The theoretical base is connected with the approaches of M. Weber, R.K. Merton, H. Simon, M. Crozier. The research test MB – AOS was structured into two lines: 1. empirical (problematic and unproblematic), and 2. abstract – anticipative (typical bureaucrat). The results of the factor analysis allow us to consider the 9 – factor model of bureaucrat with dimensions: 1. tradition, 2. specialization, 3. informal control, 4. impersonality, 5. authority and hierarchy, 6. stabile patterns, 7. monopoly, 8. rules and procedures, 9. „office power“. The character of the interline differences was tested by MANOVA 3 x 48, in design of repeated measure. Correlation analysis allows us to show some specific attributes of the analysed phenomenon.

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BOLFÍKOVÁ, E. The Model of Bureaucrat in Citizen’s Reflection. Individual and Society, 2007, Vol. 10, No. 1.

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