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On the issues of Slovak-Ruthenian language contacts

K problematike rusínsko-slovenských jazykových kontaktov


Alena Blichová, Ústav regionálnych  a národnostných štúdií Prešovskej univerzity,

ISSN: 1335-3608


Language is social phenomenon, which is fixed to group people, to ethnical groups that are using this language. Ethnical group has been formed in long historical process during territorial expansion of the world, and consequential language differentiation. On the other hand, social contacts of various ethnical groups will result in language integration. Lexis is one of the most dynamic components of language, which promptly reacts to the socio-economical changes. But on the other hand, phonetics, morphology and syntax are relatively stable components of the language, which adapt to the outside world only in small degrees. The rusyns lexis is in this moment excessively influenced by Slovak language and Slovak dialects. It is testimony of proximal, natural and long-run interrelationship between Rusyns, who live in Slovakia and Slovak political, economical, social, cultural life. Assimilation of Slovak definition connected with different aspects of modern lifestyle ane their adoption according to phonetic and morphological rules of Rusyn language is one of the most significant feature of current language process.

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BLICHOVÁ, Alena. On the issues of Slovak-Ruthenian language contacts. Individual and Society, 2007, Vol. 10, Nr. 4.

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