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The impact of e-money on the monetary policy of central banks

Вплив електронних грошей на грошово-кредитну політику центральних банків


Ільницька Надія Михайлівна, Кафедра банківської справи Ужгородського національного університету,

ISSN: 1335-3608


Today with development of new technologies and appearance of money in the unusual until now electronic form the problem of influence of these processes on stability of the money systems of separate countries and world money system on the whole acquires of large urgency. After the general idea of representatives of fundamental economic science recently it is one of the issues of the most current importance in financial researches. Within the limits of this article the attempt to consider the influence of electronic money to the money market and monetary policy of central banks has done. Also the attempt to define the most effective methods of government control of activity of electronic money issuers has done.

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ILNYTSKA, Nadezhda.The impact of e-money on the monetary policy of central banks. . Individual and Society, 2008, Vol. 11, Nr. 3.

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