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Civilization and democracy: the ethnocentric discourse in Social Sciences.

Civilization and democracy: the ethnocentric discourse in Social Sciences


Maximiliano Korstanje, University Argentina John F. Kennedy,

ISSN: 1335-3608


Every Empire is certainly erected in basis with a sentiment of superiority over the rest of world. This sentiment is based upon what scholars denominate ethnocentrism. To a greater or lesser degree, all civilizations are more and less ethnocentric at time valorizes certain values in detriment of others. Nowadays, the Anglo-Empire (primarily conformed by US and UK) puts emphasis on the terrorism as one of main threats West should face in next years. The World Trade Center´s episode marked the end and beginning of a new era wherein the ontological and perceived security played an important role in the international agenda. Countries that prioritized their security as a primary strategy highlighted the needs of a preventive war against terrorist cells in Middle East. Under such a context, the present paper theoretically examines to what an extent the Anglo-centrism not only is still present in Social Sciences but also it determines a discourse wherein the democracy and civilization are valorized over other aspects.  To fulfill this goal, we substantially reviewed two important works authored by the political scientist Samuel-Phillip Huntington.  The Third Wave. Democratization in the Late Twentieth Century and The Clash of Civilizations: Remaking of World Order. It is important to mention even though there are ethnocentric elements in these early mentioned works, this does not entail Huntington has wittingly elaborated his argument to legitimate the Bush’s war-on-terror. Otherwise, we convincingly argue Huntington’s thesis has been manipulated by politicians and some scholars to vindicate the „American Way“.

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KORSTANJE, Maximiliano. Civilization and democracy: the ethnocentric discourse in Social Sciences. Individual and Society, 2010, Vol. 13, No. 3.

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