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Romani - loss and preservation of the language in Austria

Romani - loss and preservation of the language in Austria


Mozes F. Heinschink,

ISSN: 1335-3608


The acknowledgement of some of the Austrian Roma and Sinti as an ethnic minority in 1993 seems to indicate a growing tolerance of the majority towards Roma and Sinti. Reality proves that, on the contrary, hostility towards foreigners and ethnic groups in general has increased since the fall of communism in the eastern states of Europe. There is a strong pressure towards assimilation upon Roma in Austria. Language traditions and social structures are threatened by the monolingual school system and the dominance of the majority's mass media, although language instruction in the Roma's L1 has been established with the Burgenland Roma in Oberwart. Further activities include radio programs in Roman, that is 15 minutes of daily news as well a youth program on Wednesdays. There also exist two bilingual  magazins in Austria, one edited by Romano Centro Vienna in Kalderash-German, one by the Roma Association Oberwart in Roman-German.

Bibliographic information

HEINSCHINK, Mozes Friedrich. Romani - loss and preservation of the language in Austria. Individual and Society, 2000, Vol. 3, No. 1.

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