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Some aspects of the term of ethnic and national minorities

Niektoré aspekty pomenovania etnických a národnostných menšín


Ján Bača, Technická univerzita v Košiciach, 

ISSN: 1335-3608


The ethnic and the nation frontiers usually are not identical with the state borders. There is misgiving quite often, that the request for the change of borders based on ethnic principle be presented. Because of that, the state politics puts stress on differences between minority and the root nation and leads to different minority denomination. As an example of this situation can serve the efforts to separate the Ugrian Ruthenians from the rest of Ruthenians and to give them different denomination such as Ugrorussians, Carpathorussians etc. That caused dividing one minority group into several ones with different conciouseness. The effort to unite the ethnic leads its members also to searching for uniting denomination, which would be acceptable for the majority involved even though it would not truly describe objective reality. The question of ethnical or national minorities is very complicated. Those who should govern and decide answering the question should be primarily minority members. But it is necessary to provide suitable conditions for their activities, which would guarantee a free and democratic decision-making based on objective information available. This information is needed not only for the members of minority, but also for majority nation so that it can understand minority's needs or requirements and support their fulfilling. 

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BAČA, Ján. Niektoré aspekty pomenovania etnických a národnostných menšín. Človek a spoločnosť, 2001, roč. 4, č. 2.

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BAČA, Ján. Some aspects of the term of ethnic and national minorities. Individual and Society, 2001, Vol. 4, No. 2.

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