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The Core of Old Continent

Rdzeń Starego Kontynentu


Darek Cwiek,

ISSN: 1335-3608


The paper consists of two parts. The first part  deals with term between the First and Second World War. The second part  deals with term after the Second World War. The authoress presents here  part of researches into the above problems. For the above reasons the  authoress has included within the present selection those papers, which  represents Slovak, Czech an Hungarian experience of the clash between  the nation and the civil principles in two ethno-political exposed  periods: in the period of national–emancipation of the XIX. century  during the of Austria-Hungary until the rise of the independent  Czechoslovak Republic in the year 1918 and in the period of the  communist stage of the development of the Slovak society from the year  1948 to 1989. The first part examines the personal dimension of the  nation-forming process, which took place in the Slovak and Czech society in the XIX century until the rise of the Czechoslovak Republic in the  year 1918.

Bibliografické informácie (sk)

CWIEK, Darek. Rdzeń Starego Kontynentu . Človek a spoločnosť, 2005, roč. 8, č. 2.

Bibliographic information

CWIEK, Darek. The Core of Old Continent. Individual and Society, 2005, Vol. 8, No. 2.

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